Wood Hydronic Heating Company

Thoughtful Design

Heating with wood begins with thoughtful design and a whole systems approach. From the type of wood available and how it is handled, to determining heat loads and firing times we ask the right questions from the beginning. We can help you create a system that works with your individual needs.

Great Technology

We offer  innovative and proven equipment  to create heating systems that use less fuel and burn cleanly.  Thoughtful design and good technology combine to create wood boiler based heating systems that are easy to operate and exceptionally reliable.

Customer Support

We care about our customers…a lot !  It’s important to us that the equipment we provide is correctly sized and well matched to our customer’s needs.  Our wood heating equipment has, and will, continue to, operate reliably for decades.  We’re here to advise our customers on both the initial installation and with any maintenance questions or parts in years to come.

We Believe

Rural North America  is heavily forested and with proper management we can sustainably heat our homes and businesses with local fuel.  We have been heating with wood for centuries and by matching this renewable resource responsibly with good technology that burns wood cleanly and efficiently we can secure a brighter future.

Our Story

FHS (originally Floor Heat Systems)  started up in 2002 to provide design and materials for commercial and residential radiant floor heating systems.  Between 2002 and 2008 the price of a gallon of heating oil had more than tripled from $1.15 to $3.75.  By  2008 it was clear that there was a real need for an alternative to increasingly expensive oil and lp fuel.   Rural North America had abundant wood but how best to burn it ? As we researched wood burning boilers we were discovered that the US Department of Energy had funded two projects to develop very high efficiency wood boilers 30 years earlier after the oil crisis of 1978.   The engineers on both projects arrived at similar design concept and in the early 80s there had been at least four  US and one Canadian manufacturer building very clean and very efficient wood boilers with that technology.   In 2008 only one was still in production..The GARN WHS.    In 2008 we became  the Northern New England distributor for GARN.  We now distribute and support GARN WHS systems in the North East US and in the Eastern provinces of Canada.  In addition to selling the GARN product line, FHS provides design services and specialty equipment for both residential and commercial wood boiler based heating systems.

Chris Holley

Chris has a varied background in technology, design and fabrication. He spent several years working  in research labs developing specialty ceramics for microwave equipment.  After that he followed his love for fast motorcycles and co-created a business that developed wheel and  disc brake systems for street and track bikes.  That was followed by several years working in the  commercial construction business.  In the late 80s he became  interested  in the  hydronic radiant floor heating industry and eventually founded FHS a business that provided radiant hydronic design and materials for commercial and residential projects.  In 2008 as the price of heating fuel soared, the business focus shifted to sales and design support for wood -fueled heating systems.

Chris can be contacted at chris@fhsco.com

James Blair

James hails from the Mitten State (Michigan) and finds the similarities between his home state and Maine comforting.  His love for the ocean was insatiable as a sailing instructor for Thompson Island Outward Bound and he eventually moved to a little island off the coast of Maine.  On North Haven he has managed Turner Farm with his wife Brenna over the past 4 years. Turner Farm is a diversified livestock and vegetable operation that specializes in winter greens production and heats its greenhouses with wood harvested from the farm.  He met Chris during this project and really enjoyed sharing ideas on greenhouse heating.  They began their partnership in FHS in 2015.

You can reach James anytime at james@fhsco.com